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Feeling trapped in an unending cycle from which you cannot escape? Feeling hopeless with no vision for the future? Tired of feeling you’re at the mercy of circumstances? If so, there is good news for you – your life can change; it doesn’t have to stay the same; you can experience growth; you can breakthrough to the next level!

The word EMPOWER means “to invest with power and authority; to equip and to supply.” Brad Sullivan is on a mission to Empower People by investing practical wisdom and biblical truths that will equip them to grow and change. In a time when society tells people they are victims, Brad desires to Empower People to be Victors. He believes that through wisdom, the power of God’s Word and by leading healthy, balanced lives people can experience lasting transformation.

Brad encourages people to live rewarding lives by focusing on the 5-F’s: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness & Fun. Being strong in these area’s will empower people to enjoy both spiritual and natural success.

As a speaker, pastor, community leader and world traveler, Brad brings experience and wisdom that enables him to connect with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Always insightful, biblically sound, historically astute, consistently bold and tastefully humorous, Brad inspires audiences and enriches lives.

It is a pleasure to have you on this journey with us to Empower People!



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Wake Up.
Be Faithful.
Go To Bed.


The power of daily consistency builds momentum in one’s life. This is what we mean when we say – “Wake Up. Be Faithful. Got To Bed. Repeat.” Consistency breeds success and attracts promotion!


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