Vision and Mission


The vision of Brad Sullivan Ministries is to make a Global Impact through strengthening the church, encouraging leaders and reaching the hurting with a message of hope and healing!


Brad Sullivan is an anointed and gifted preacher, teacher and speaker. This is reflected in his ministry. Brad Sullivan Ministries is a strong and passionate preaching ministry.  Brad is called upon to minister in a variety of areas including church services, revivals, conferences and international crusades. He combines passion, depth of the word, humor, fresh perspective and practical application to create a unique style of communication.

What We Do:

1) Church Services

Brad is an effective guest speaker and minister in the local church. As a pastor himself, he understands the dynamic of the relationship between the pastor and the congregation. This experience allows him to minister in a way that pastors can trust, while blessing and encouraging the congregation.

2) Ministry Events
Growing up in a pastor’s home, Brad served the church in various capacities and ministry roles. This experience developed a versatility that allows him to minister in variety of ways and venues today. Brad is equipped to effectively minister in various services and ministry events.

3) Conferences

Brad is called upon as a conference speaker both nationally and internationally. He also hosts annual conferences that are designed to strengthen, educate, equip and empower believers. These conferences are executed with a spirit of excellence and are designed to give attendees an impactful experience from the fellowship and worship to the messages and ministry. Attendees always leave these conferences wanting more and express their desire to be a part of future events.

4) International
International outreach is at the heart of BSM. God has blessed Brad with the opportunity to minister in a variety of nations. He has stood on stages of all sizes, in venues of all kind and in nations on various continents declaring the message of the Gospel. Brad is called upon to minister overseas in conferences, churches, leadership and pastor’s seminars, Bible schools, open air festivals and more. This ministry continually strives to expand its Global Impact as God opens the door into new nations.

5) Resources
It is our desire to be a blessing to believers by producing teaching resources that will encourage and inspire their faith through books, articles and with audio and video series.

6) Media
It is our desire to continue to expand our media ministry by extending into more forms of media. Brad has ministered on television and radio for many years. We are also developing other media forms to reach more people with the message of God’s word.

7) Businesses
Brad works extensively with the business community of the West Mobile area as the founder and director of the Dawes Business Connection. He is also called upon to speak to businesses and business people through inspirational messages.