Life in the Word


Pastor Brad hosts a bi-monthly webcast entitled – “Life In The Word!” It is the desire of our ministry to present God’s Word in an insightful and practical way that empowers people to live the Word. The scripture teaches us to, “Let the Word of Christ live in you richly” (Colossians 3:16). God’s Word will only live in us when we are faithful to live in it. We pray the teachings from this webcast will inspire, inform and encourage your faith to live in His Word. Please feel free to share our webcast with your friends and contacts!


Anointing Pt.8

Anointing Pt.7

Anointing Pt.6

Anointing Pt.5

Anointing Pt.4


Anointing Pt.3


Anointing Pt.2


Anointing Pt.1