A Higher Place

1 Kings 18:41-44 

41 And Elijah said to Ahab, “Go, eat and drink, for there is the sound of a heavy rain.” 42 So Ahab went off to eat and drink, but Elijah climbed to the top of Carmel, bent down to the ground and put his face between his knees. 43 “Go and look toward the sea,” he told his servant. And he went up and looked. “There is nothing there,” he said. Seven times Elijah said, “Go back.” 44 The seventh time the servant reported, “A cloud as small as a man’s hand is rising from the sea.”

This passage of scripture concludes one of the most anointed days ever recorded in the Bible. The Prophet Elijah made a stand against the wickedness of King Ahab, Queen Jezebel and their pagan prophets in an epic showdown on Mt. Carmel. A single prophet of God stood alone against 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of Asherah over the future of the nation. We all know the story, Elijah called down fire from heaven, captured the hearts of the people and executed 850 pagan prophets. Yet, it is what he did after those things that ushered in a new season for Israel.

The Bible records that Elijah climbed to the top of Carmel to pray for rain and the end of the drought. God sent a punishing drought that scorched the land for three and a half years as a judgement for the sin of idolatry. However, on that day Elijah heard in his spirit the sound of rain approaching. He knew that sound was the sign of a new season. Elijah’s response is something we all must remember when we find our selves in a transition in our lives and ministries – climb to a higher place!

The moment Elijah heard the witness in his spirit that rain was approaching, his immediate response was to climb to the summit of Carmel to pray for its fulfillment. Hearing the sound was not enough, he knew intercession was necessary for the manifestation of what he had heard. His climb to the higher place was a prophetic act symbolizing his intention to move closer to the presence of God and to seek Him for the breakthrough.

We have all experienced seasons of drought and lack. However, like Elijah, it is our willingness to climb to the higher place that ushers in new seasons. Hearing is not enough to fulfill the future, we must act on what we hear by seeking God in prayer. We live in the age of technology. There is an app for almost everything today, but God doesn’t move because we have technology at our disposal. He is still moved by the prayers of His people. This is why we must be willing to climb to that higher place.

The higher place of prayer provides three important things…

#1 Higher Elevation

Achieving God’s will for our lives requires traction. This is why the enemy uses distraction to rob our focus. Distractions prevent us from moving forward. For this reason, it is important to climb to a higher elevation of prayer for spiritual focus. We cannot stay at the base of the mountain with the distracted masses and achieve success. Moving beyond distraction means that we move to a higher elevation.

#2 Better Reception 

Elijah climbed to the summit of Mt. Carmel to pray for the manifestation of what he heard in his spirit. At the peak of higher elevation, he would have the focus that would give him better spiritual reception for what God was about to do. The fact is we must leave the static of negativity in order to go to the higher place where the reception is clear. From the higher place, our hearts and spirits are free from static. Here we can have full reception to pray and touch God for the answer.

#3 Intense Intercession 

The Bible states that Elijah bowed down and placed his face between his knees. The description of his posture indicates he was engaged in intense intercession that would require persistence. Elijah understood that he was standing in the gap linking the mercy of God to the nation. Six times he sent his servant to the ledge to look for a cloud, but each time he reported seeing no sign of rain. This did not stop or detour Elijah. He continued to persist in prayer until the seventh time when the servant returned with the report of a rain cloud on the horizon. Six is the number of man and Seven is the number of God. Six represents what man can do and Seven represents what God can do. If we continue to seek God in the higher place, then He will do His work and bring the breakthrough.

You may find yourself in a difficult season today, but if you are hearing in your spirit the sound of change you must climb to the higher place. I pray that God will continue to richly bless you and that your next season will be your best season!


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