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empowerEmpower Men’s Conference 2016

“Men Who Worship” – 3-DVD Set
Session 1: Pastor Brad Sullivan
Sessions 2 & 3: Pastor Danny Chambers of Oasis Church in Nashville, TN







fall bibleFall Bible Conference 2016

“Powerful People in Perilous Times” – 6-DVD Set

6-DVD Set with Pastor Brad Sullivan & Pastor Fred Price, Jr.

Session 1: Powerful People in Perilous Times – Pastor Brad Sullivan
Session 2: More Than Conquerors – Pastor Fred Price, Jr.
Session 3: Days of Noah Pt.1 – Pastor Brad Sullivan
Session 4: Days of Noah Pt.1 – Pastor Fred Price Jr.
Session 5: Righteous Bloodline – Pastor Brad Sullivan
Session 6: Image of God – Pastor Fred Price, Jr.




departureThe Departure

“What the Bible Says About the Rapture and the End Times”

12 Messages on USB Drive

There approximately 109 prophecies in the Bible foretelling of the first coming of Jesus, but there are approximately 329 prophecies and references to His second coming. This underscores the fact that the Bible has an urgent message, Jesus is coming back! In “The Departure” series, Pastor Brad provides pertinent information on the Rapture and the End Times that Christians need to know in order to prepare themselves and others for the Blessed Hope and Glorious Appearing of our Lord Jesus!

Part 1: What is the Rapture?
Part2: The Departure
Part 3: Pre-Tribulation Rapture
Part 4: The Imminent Return of Christ
Part 5: The Tribulation
Part6: The Two Witnesses & the 144,000
Part 7: The Anti-Christ Pt.1
Part 8: The Anti-Christ Pt.2
Part 9: The Second Coming of Christ
Part 10: The Millennium
Part 11: Ready for the Rapture
Bonus: What Happened to the Ark of the Covenant?



why-we-worshipWhy We Worship

4-Messages on USB Drive

As believers, we are called to be devoted followers of Christ. One of the critical elements of our devotion to Christ is our worship of Christ. For this reason, we must know more than “that we worship,” we must know “Why We Worship.” The more we understand Why We Worship, the more our worship experience will be enhanced and the more intensely devoted to Christ we will become.

Part 1: Why We Worship
Part 2: The Sound of Worship
Part 3: Made to Worship
Part 4: Worship With Thanksgiving